I fail in love

Crew Photography: Ariel Conde Make up & Hair: Ainhoa Yurrita Ainhoa email Photography Assistants: Bistobias Model: Sofía GM T-shirt Design & Editorial Design: Ariel Conde I fâil ïn løvé Playlist Spotify


Merry xmas & Happy 2016!

The best gifts can’t buy with money Photo by: Ronghui Chen


Textual Imagery

Textual Imagery, is a reflection on the fine line between words and images in the digital era. As the written message is fragmented according to their visual format. They are images that evoke the perception ...


Get Lost!

Typography and photography composition Poster and Merch available at Society6


Carlos & Estefania Wedding

Everlong Hello I’ve waited here for you Everlong Tonight I throw myself into And out of the red Out of her head she sang Come down And waste away with me Down with me Slow ...


RS Jofer

Client: Recollides Selectives Jofer S.L. Description: Modernization is an attitude, for this reason we used Asap typography from google fonts in the logotype to give it more contemporaneous spirit. Chromatically greenish tones remind the Earth ...


Enjoy Every Little Thing

Typography composition Poster and Merch available at Society6


Carlitos Book

Carlitos it’s a young dancer promise, he wanted a picts express the first passion of the life. Very Special Thanks for my team Make Up: Áurea makeup Lighting technician: Moisés Molina Martínez & Ramon Tresens ...


Final de Temporada 2012-2013

Client: Unió Atlètica Barberà. Description: Realization of the communicative graphic elements for the End of Season’s Party 2012- 2013. {Poster; E-mailing y Diplomas for each category} Concept: The physic phenomenon of light’s dispersion when a ...



Client: Oficina Municipal de l‘Energia Description: Corporative image for Sabadell town council’s Environment department Concept: Energy saving in our everyday life; starting from our homes’ electricity meter and making it extensible to the rest of ...

_MG_7972 copy

Musa Galgo

Musa is a “Galgo” greyhound put in adoption who needed a second chance and to trust again human beings. With his new owner, little by little, cares became games and bruises, smiles. This is what ...



Project: End of Year Project Client: Escola Municipal d’Art Illa – Ajuntament de Sabadell Concept: 7 musical notes scale translated to 7 colors in degrade from the Baroque pictorial age. With this simple step, music ...


Eat Mexican Avocado

Make a series of surrealistic themed photos, inspired by the sentence: “Eat an oxidized Mexican avocado from a height”


Carrera y Carrera

Client: Contrapunto Barcelona Description: Smart-phone oriented adaptation of Carrera and Carrera jewelry corporative website. An interface’s design with a flexible and pleasant structure. Concept: “Luxury and Proximity.” A search engine to locate the closest store ...