• Final de Temporada 2012-2013

    Client: Unió Atlètica Barberà. Description: Realization of the communicative graphic elements for the End of Season’s Party 2012- 2013. {Poster; E-mailing y Diplomas for each category} Concept: The physic phenomenon of light’s dispersion when a white light beam is dispersed through a prism into the distinct colors’ spectrums, That graphic line was developed by using a double exposure technic to build through fours bands of distinct colors. When they are added to each other they form two triangles with Unió Atlètica Barberà’s corporative colors [Pantone Orange 021 y Pantone 2766]. Those colored geometrical shapes were placed in the corners of each sheet of paper, no matter the format to enhance the symmetry. We place the text elements in the reticule’s center to amplify the sensation of the paper’s whiteness On the Diplomas the graphic elements were assembled depending on the future athlete age, according to those categories: Pre-Benjamin (5-7 years old), Benjamin (8 and 9 y.o), Alevin (10 and 11 y.o) Infantil (12 and 13 y.o) and Cadete (14 and 15 y.o), so that each idiosyncrasy Typography: Elega Rounded & Kreon